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ScanTech Offshore recognises the importance of our staff to its ongoing success. We are proud of our employees and support them with a dedicated training department and unique competency and appraisal processes to further develop skills and competencies.

The foundation of our employee strategy is our commitment to recruit and retain the best talent.  We accomplish this through implementing a fulfilling experience, which demands, supports and rewards the highest performance.  Everyone at ScanTech Offshore has the opportunity to shape their own career in a first-class training and development environment.

To help us remain at the forefront of the well test support industry we serve, we are continually expanding our capabilities to support the developing requirements of all our clients.

Please visit the James Fisher and Sons plc group vacancies page to see the roles we have to offer, or contact us direct:

If you are approached regarding a job offer and have any doubts regarding its legitimacy, please feel free to contact


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware, we've had a number of complaints regarding fake job offers made within India. At this point in time, ScanTech Offshore do not have a dedicated operating base in India and these job offers are NOT genuine. Please check the James Fisher & Sons plc group vacancies page as linked above for the current list of vacancies within ScanTech and the James Fisher & Sons Group. 

Please also note:- ScanTech Offshore, or any subsidiaries of James Fisher and Sons plc would not require payments of any kind from an applicant to secure a job. If anyone has requested money in exchange for training, health-checks or anything relating to an offer of employment, then please report it immediately - as it is more than likely a fraudulent offer and has not come from either ScanTech Offshore or James Fisher & Sons plc.

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