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Sea Wizard Burner


In October 2012 ScanTech Offshore set about developing a new clean and efficient burner.

As a bit of background to the project, ScanTech set about developing with the logic to:

  • Reduce quantity of compressors by 50%
  • Deliver added value & innovation
  • Improve deck space and lifting by 50%
  • Increase market share to maintain income
  • Reduce carbon footprint & exhaust gas by 50%
  • Maintain current leadership with well test support service
  • Manage CAPEX investment for DNV2.7-2 & Zone II standards
  • Minimise time frame for renewing rental fleet in light of safety step change!
  • Offer burners as part of rental package portfolio
  • Sell as part of rental package with agreements
  • improve safety of product

 Development Summary 1 year on:

  • Conceptual discussions & ideas with partners Oct 2012
  • Partner agreement Jan 2013
  • Patent application 2013
  • Scale model tested March 2013
  • Mk II version tested 2013
  • Mk II model design completed Jan 2014
  • International Patent Application No PCT/GB2014/050461 filed with the World Intellectual Property Office 18 Feb 2014
  • Production model planned April 2014
  • Testing at Spade Adam facility to be arranged

Summary of Mk II enhancements:                                                                   

  • Change to cup angle(s)
  • Polished cup surface
  • Modification to cup periphery
  • Blast air isolated from seals
  • Counter rotating blast air
  • Adjustable blast air annulus


Burner scale up - Basic design parameters

Head capacity: 2500bbls/D of dead medium crude
Target SMD: 174µm
Imposed back pressure at head: Zero
Design MAWP: 1440 PSI
Cup diameter 150 mm
Shaft OD/ID: 65 / 51mm
Shaft speed: 6000RPM
Vane length: 432cm

Summary Data

Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 1200mm high
Weight: 800kg approx
Capacity: 10,000+bbls day @ 32 API
Air requirements: 3,000cfm @ 80 PSI
Turntable adjustment: 30°

Click below to see full conceptual introduction to the
Sea Wizard Burner


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