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Safe, efficient sub-pump deployment and retrival


Conventional deployment of sub-pumps is both costly and high risk to crew involved in the task.  Did you know that it takes around 6 hours of rig crane time, and up to four people to deploy sub-pumps conventionally, all whilst working under a suspended load of 8 tonnes.

SafeDeploy™ was developed to reduce risks to ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practical), reduce rig-up time and improve on operational functionality.  With one lift to the installation, sub-pumps can be deployed automatically without the need for expensive welding, cutting and rig modifications.  Safely extending above and over the handrail, deployment and retrieval can be effected effortlessly, which is crucial in bad weather to not only protect personnel but preserve the integrity of the pump.



Watch the SafeDeploy™ in action:

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