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Decommissioning Services


ScanTech Offshore have a robust fleet compatible with decommissioning, and we're keen to assure this growing segment where there are great synergies between ScanTech's current service offerings and decommissioning requirements. 

The requirement during well abandonment for utilities such as compressed air and fluid pumping are just a few of the examples of where ScanTech can offer a number of products and services, essential during the critical decommissioning phase of a wells life cycle.  

What can we provide?

With the North Sea decommissioning sector currently undergoing a surge in activity, ScanTech Offshore are best placed to support and maintain momentum with it's £1.5M manufacturing and operational facility in Great Yarmouth, giving great local reinforcement with a combination of expertise, equipment availability and manpower.



For reassurance, contact ScanTech Offshore and let us make the difference to your decommissioning operations.

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