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Zone II vs Rigsafe Equipment

Zone II vs Rigsafe area safety case – Explore your equipment choices in our full 360◦ Virtual Reality experience.








ScanTech Offshore's methanol fire detection/suppression system. A new innovative design currently used by Subsea 7, Total and Chevron specifically for methanol safety.




A fully automated submersible pump deployment system breaking new ground where operator safety is concerned. The ScanTech SafeDeploy™ requires one crane lift to install and removes the need for costly hang-off frames.

Fully independent, non-weather or rig-dependent deployment. Retrieval of the sub-pump(s) once installed takes minimal time.

Compared with 8 hours of hard work and multiple crane lifts for a conventional system, SafeDeploy™ delivers large cost savings to your operations.



Safety Bails           

ScanTech Offshore has invested in the Safety Bails, an innovative controllable failure system that mitigates against compensator lock-up and improves the safety of semi submersibles and drillships during completion and workover (C/WOR) operations to comply with ISO 13628/7 standards.







ScanTech Offshore - Great Yarmouth Facility 


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